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The world has changed.
There’s an appetite for thinking differently. 
4iforum helps organisations in meaningful, tangible and transformational ways.

The process we use has been road-tested and delivers mic-drop moments.

  • It brings fast evolution,
  • It moves people past ‘firefighting’ to addressing the known issues,
  • It addresses the issues that fall down the priority list because they simply seem too hard.
  • The process identifies and explores the issues that keep tripping you up.

The idea is simple.

  • Thinking in a vacuum is pointless.
  • Bias and prejudice creep in.
  • Blockages remain blockages.

Business needs new ideas, big ideas, explorative thinking to make the necessary strides forward.

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We develop bespoke packages to meet your innovation and problem-solving needs.

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Provocative dialogue about significant challenges

Paul Hill, the former NASA Director of Mission Operations found true value in his Thinking Masterclass. He explains his surprise at the outcomes when he approached the session with an open mind, open to provocation.

Embed innovative thinking

Enhance your innovative capability to critically think about current and future business-critical issues, providing your organisation with the agility to develop and sustain competitive advantage.

Gain insights from your peers

Develop exceptional relationships within the 4iforum community, industry experts and academics as together we explore complex ideas to get to the truth of things.

A culture of deep thinking

4iforum connects you to a disciplined, supportive and curious network who actively engage in probing thought to distinguish what we know from what we don't know.

Meet our Team

Facilitators, thought leaders, panellists & advisors

Working with 4iforum gives you access to diverse perspectives which challenges your thinking at a deep level to reason through complex issues and assess the implications.

"The questioning framework at the beginning enabled us to explore and set our own agenda which was then facilitated at high level through to conclusions."
Thinking Masterclass
"The interaction on Zoom was good and the background technology (eg. the voting mechanism) was very helpful. Overall, the session was well structured and the breaks appropriately scheduled.The dialogue sessions were challenging (in a good way!)"
Thinking Masterclass
"Thank you. Congratulations, very smooth. Good to see you practice and model what you talk about."
Thinking Masterclass

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