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4iforum developed from a desire to find an effective response to the organisational world being turned upside down.

Our proposition is simple: We connect with people by asking you to engage with us. We invite you to take part. Help others as you help yourself.

We believe that our economy will only be as strong as the weakest link, so if we help each other, we’ll recover sooner.  The global pandemic has created an opportunity to get everyone facing in the same direction, collaborating with a common purpose.

The 4iforum collaborative network expedites the impact of thought leadership and academic research in the business community, responding to societal need, creating opportunities for generating an effective response to emerging business issues.

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The more support we receive from partners, patrons and sponsors, the more forums we can schedule, and the more seats we can give away to people and organisations who really need them.

Everyone benefits from businesses succeeding, and together, we have knowledge and expertise that can help others

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Provocative dialogue about significant challenges

Paul Hill, the former NASA Director of Mission Operations found true value in his Thinking Masterclass. He explains his surprise at the outcomes when he approached the session with an open mind, open to provocation.

What will you discover?

Find the forum to suit you and your team.

Better Boards

Enhance your leadership capability to critically think about current and future business-critical issues, providing your organisation with the agility to develop and sustain competitive advantage.

Gain insights from your peers

Develop exceptional relationships within the 4iforum community, industry experts and academics as together we explore complex ideas to get to the truth of things.

A culture of deep thinking

4iforum connects you to a disciplined, supportive and curious network of business leaders who actively engage in probing of thought to distinguish what we know from what we don't know.

Meet our Disruptors

Thought leaders, top business coaches & trusted advisors.

Joining the 4iforum gives our members access to leading experts interested in probing thinking at a deep level to reason through complex issues and assess the implications of what they, and others think.

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4iforum has been created with the belief that if we lift all organisations up everyone benefits.  We want to help leaders to learn how to question in a deep way and develop a framework of analysis to empower their leadership and create momentum.

"The questioning framework at the beginning enabled us to explore and set our own agenda which was then facilitated at high level through to conclusions."
Thought Forum
"The interaction on Zoom was good and the background technology (eg the voting mechanism) was very helpful.Overall, the session was well structured and the breaks appropriately scheduled.The dialogue sessions were challenging (in a good way!)"
Thought Forum
"Thank you. Congratulations, very smooth. Good to see you practice and model what you talk about."
Collaborative Forum

Our patrons

Our corporate patrons provide essential support to enable all organisations to experience the benefit of our dialogic forums.

Vail Williams

Vail Williams

Leading property agents offering a host of real estate services in the south of England and the Midlands.

Metis CE

Metis CE

Main sponsor of the 4iforum community. Accelerated learning for business leaders



Woman of Many Businesses

Skills for Business Training

Skills for Business Training

Offers a selection of training courses and programmes designed to take your team to the next level



Kohera's mission: To work with great people to create and scale excellent business software.

Moonshot Consultancy

Moonshot Consultancy

Passionate about helping organisations to develop and enabling all their employees to contribute.