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Insights – Imagining Future Enterprise

Biggest impact on your organisation in next 12 – 18 months Us election – market volatility and social unrest Brexit and potential of no deal Mass firings/redundancy Reorganisations and streamlining Self service economy and automation Jobs not making meaningful contribution Debt repayment challenges The young adults whose GCSE’s and A-levels were interrupted by CoVid entering…

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Insights – Thought Forum October 2020

Core Question How do I challenge my thinking processes so that I can learn from this situation to be the best version of myself today? Changes inspired by core question Manage my self talk Distinguish what thoughts are fears and phobias Develop tools and techniques for thinking without fear Recognise and remove limiting beliefs Ask…

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Have we given up on a Post-Covid?

I don’t know whether it’s simply a case of 2020 fatigue but I have definitely noticed a shift in the conversations I have been having with business leaders.  In March when the first lockdown started, a large proportion of people would talk about “after” – after the lockdown, after the vaccine, after this, when we…

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