The power of dialogue

4iforum brings you the power of dialogue - where developing a questioning mindset to create new insights is more important than having the answers.

For the last 100 years, business leadership has focused on value creation based on three core truths; a robust business model, clarity about the market and a responsive organisational design. 

These enduring themes forged in the furnace of the industrial revolution relied on leaders to deliver strategy, efficiency and a motivated workforce. 

But in 2020, businesses everywhere had a rude awakening  – how do you form a strategy when you have no clue what’s coming next?  How do you plan when there is no runway?

It is time for new thinking about models of organisation, management, business and work. The problems the world faces cannot be solved by one person, a few thought leaders, or by someone with an expertise in one discipline.

Poor decision-making and judgements can be as a result of leaders asking the wrong questions in a demanding environment.

In such unprecedented times we need to think about our thinking. 

Our forums will help you to elicit contributions to determine whether the ideas, arguments and findings you thought you knew were right represent the entire picture and that means being open to finding out that what you thought was right, may not be.

Dialogue provides a platform for spending time developing a fuller understanding of the context of the problem, improving collective knowledge and creating the opportunity for uncovering the unknown to reveal alternative realities.

In a business environment where so many unknowns exist, it is essential that organisation’s find memorable ideas, promote mindset shifts, remove barriers and, in doing so, create the impetus for change whilst building stronger relationships.

4iforum dialogic forums explores emergent thinking about enduring themes to deliver breakthrough solutions that enable people to become the change that is needed to create a new reality.

Multi-generational leadership

Giving to give

Our forums support you to deliver on your organisational goals and personal development objectives, and forums are made possible by the support of our Patrons.

At 4iforum there are no set subscription fees and seat fees for dialogic forums and symposia, instead we ask corporate patrons and individual sponsor to support the 4iforum learning community.


Find out more about dialogue

Transform your thinking through dialogue

These are the types of forums we run, ranging in scale from up to 36 members in a collaborative forum to eight or less in a thought forum.

4i peer discussion forum

Learn from others
Participate in ongoing community discussions on specific themes and topics. This is an exclusive space where members can gather to think and learn collaboratively.

4i collaborative forum

Learning with others
Explore future practice ideas developed by an expert in the field. Together members will investigate new ideas alongside our thought leader. You will benefit from the collective intelligence of the group disrupting your thinking and together discover new ways to move a business issue forward.

4i dynamic forum

Access new thinking
Experience fresh thinking about a themed business challenge or topic. Working with an expert and other members you will share different perspectives without judgement giving momentum to your understanding and enlightening your thinking. Explore the questions that others are asking about a topic or theme.

4i peer forum

Learning with peers
Meet regularly with a select community of cross-industry peers to provoke each other to question accepted modus operandi and inspire new levels of ideation. Deep dive into a topic with your peers, to regulary examine different questions about the same topic or theme.

4i executive forum

Connect and collaborate
Collaborate with other Senior Leaders to challenge what you think you know. Embrace an opportunity to think deeply about whether the strategic question you are trying to solve, is the right one. Probe beneath the surface of your thinking to solve the problems of tomorrow, today.

4i thought forum

Disrupt your thinking
Surf the edge of chaos and experience discomfort in a safe space to go beyond the immediate business reality and disrupt the status quo. Open up issues and problems you haven't even thought of yet and deeply probe your thinking to discover the questions you should be asking.

Closed Forums

4iforum can provide tailored closed forums to explore challenges and opportunities within your specific business. Our professional dialogic practitioners prompt questioning and thinking, to really open up collaboration and knowledge sharing, to generate new perspectives and insights.

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