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Clients and people that know me often say that I am mad as a box of frogs, and, well, they are partially right. Some of what I ask people to do, and questions that I ask are, from a normal way of doing business, mad. Therefore, people think I am mad for asking the questions I do and they also think I am mad because the questions I ask make people feel uncomfortable. However, in my defence there is method to my madness and once people get into the groove of the dialogue, the light bulbs go on and suddenly I’m a mad genius!!

What gets me out of bed in the morning is how I can help people BE the best they can be. This means I am really curious about why people behave the way to do. I get very animated about dialogic organisation development processes, because they are so awesome at creating momentum. I get immense satisfaction when an individual, team or group experience that light bulb moment and I know they are leave the dialogue with their thinking transformed.

My Background

I did the whole University, graduate recruitment thing, resulting in a career in FMCG Sales. I was good at sales but never really loved it, so when I became a parent for the first time, I ended up wondering what work was worth me being separated from my child. I changed careers, beginning my journey as a learning professional, which evolved into me falling in love with organisation development. Life circumstances led to me leaving corporate life in 2011 and I’ve been working in some guise of author, academic and organisation dialogic practitioner ever since.

My Family

I live in Wrexham, North Wales. I have been married to Stephen, an artist, for over twenty years. My son, Ioan wants to be a zoologist and my daughter is a crafter extraordinaire. We also have a menagerie of animals. Pumba the horn-nosed snake, White the gecko and our cute but very loopy Malti-poo Bailey.

Five True Facts about Carrie

  1. I’ve interviewed a Prime Minister for a newspaper
  2. I believe in fairness above all else – unfairness and injustice REALLY upset me
  3. No one in my family knows what I do for a job – even after I’ve explained it.
  4. If something needs doing, I can’t leave it undone
  5. I get ridiculously excited about random things

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