5G is Coming

Emergent technologies like 5G often generate headlines, but in this Dynamic Forum, we'll unpack the deeper effects of this networking technology and look through the hype to the benefits and challenges to society and industry.
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Dynamic forum description

News of the 5G rollout is a perennial topic of the mainstream press and most of us can state the key headline: that 5G will enable faster internet access on the go. But to focus on this one very obvious gain is to miss the panoply of threats and opportunities that other aspects of this technology present. In this Dynamic Forum, we will invite views from the IT industry, media professionals and telecoms experts to inform us. Once equipped with a better understanding of what 5G really offers, we will move into a questioning, challenging mode, where we explore and develop ideas through the mechanism of facilitated dialogue. Prepare to be challenged and to exercise creative thinking to generate business models, identify disruption to existing markets and extend your vision into a future enabled by 5G.

It is impossible to know what direction this dialogue will go in advance. Will we explore the social effects more than than the economic? Or will recent market events swing the dialogue into a focus into those factors? Much depends on you, the participants, so join us in dialogue to explore and  engage on this topic. Challenge yourself and ultimately leave with more questions than you started with, but a deeper perspective from which to answer them.

This dialogue will be run on Zoom and is scheduled to be two hours long. We will open 15 minutes early for those who enjoy pre-event networking opportunities.

Dynamic forum outcomes

Content and learning styles

The forum will combine personal insights and real-life experiences to stimulate in-depth discussions.  Peer learning is a big part of the forum and you will be given every opportunity to share ideas and learn from the speaker as well as from others in the group.

The forum will cover the following topics: