Algorithmic Accountability: Philosophy, Legality, Technology

A Peer Forum to explore issues arising both externally and internally to the practice of senior IT professionals, this time focussing on algorithmic accountability.
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Peer forum description

Now human lives are influenced more and more by data-driven, automated decision making, dialogue on the risks and responsibilities firms expose themselves to becomes more important. Working in IT at a senior level demands an acute awareness of the changing technological, legal and social environment. In this Peer Forum we will discover some concerns and forward thinking from the group, focussing on a requested topic: algorithmic accountability. We’ll agree together the relative importance of each offering and then proceed into a dialogue to explore their impacts. We’ll also make time to bring up issues arising in our daily work so that other members can suggest solutions which have worked for them. In this way, we’ll engage with our peers, share anecdotes and prepare ourselves for an uncertain future.

This forum is the second in a series enjoying the advantages of the same core membership but always welcoming new members to share the dialogue.

Peer forum outcomes

Dialogue ground rules

  • Even weird, way-out ideas
  • Even confusing ideas
  • Especially silly ideas
  • We won’t evaluate each other’s ideas
  • We won’t censor our own ideas
  • We’ll save these ideas for later discussion
  • before it starts,
  • or after it ends
  • but not while it’s underway