Black Belt Negotiator

Good negotiation helps reduce costs, improve project delivery, win new business, increase profit...and build better business relationships.
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Collaborative forum description

Join international speaker and coach Tom Flatau to explore The Black Belt Negotiator, which has become the gold-standard, adopted by multi-nationals, including HSBC, The Kier Group, American Express, Parsons and Siemens. It has helped reduce costs, improve project delivery, win new business, increase profit…while at the same time building better relationships with key trading partners!

The Five-Step Funnel™ – a winning formula for negotiation success ?

Our unique Five-Step Negotiation Funnel™ creates clarity so your people know exactly where they are at each twist and turn of the negotiation. We examine where negotiations can go wrong and replace bad habits, uncertainty and fear with poise and confidence – never make unnecessary concessions again!

Return on investment?

Even better, our research shows that the payback period for this seminar is less than one month. You can expect to see return on investment the moment your people get back to their work.

Neuroscience research?

Thanks to the latest neuroscience research, we know more about the human brain and how we make decisions than ever before, but most of us are still unaware of how to apply these new insights to negotiation. 

Neuroscience sheds light on how certain negotiating behaviours unintentionally alienate the other side. We demonstrate why and the most effective methods to use instead. We emphasise the importance of long-term business relationships, focusing on tradeables and win-win solutions that keep both sides happy. 

In particular, we look at what can go wrong in remote negotiations.

Collaborative forum outcomes

Content and learning styles

The forum will combine personal insights and real-life experiences to stimulate in-depth discussions. 

Collective learning is a big part of the forum and you will be given every opportunity to share ideas and learn from the speaker as well as from others in the group.



“You’re good with your hands… but your brother is the intelligent one”

This is what he was told as a child. Having failed his 11+ exam, and being consigned to being ‘average’, he is living proof that anyone can be who they want to be and achieve a destiny beyond their dreams… and the low expectations of others.

Drawing on ground-breaking neuroscience research and brain-based coaching methods, Tom transforms the behaviours of teams and individuals to deliver growth, engagement and profitability within world-class companies.

With a Masters in Business Analysis & Systems Design and as a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, Tom combines business acumen with an intimate knowledge of corporate culture. He is an accredited brain and behaviour specialist, with over 25 years experience, offering a series of world-renowned seminars to multi-national organisations, including HSBC, Louis Vuitton, Emirates, Siemens and Unilever.

Based on personal experience and sharing real-world examples, he has a passion for explaining – and overcoming –  the limiting beliefs, fixed mindsets and biases that thwart the potential of so many.