Unlocking Employee Engagement and Motivation

Exploring the question: "How to motivate staff returning to work after lockdown"
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Dynamic forum description

Some of your staff may have been working at home during lockdown, some may have been working in the workplace, others may have been furloughed.

How motivated are your staff?  How motivated are you?

Motivation varies from person to person, which is why it can be so difficult to understand and instill in your employees. This individuality is not a bad thing however, but rather an opportunity to create effective and productive teams that achieve goals and exceed targets.

Dynamic forum outcomes

Dialogue ground rules

  • Even weird, way-out ideas
  • Even confusing ideas
  • Especially silly ideas
  • We won’t evaluate each other’s ideas
  • We won’t censor our own ideas
  • We’ll save these ideas for later discussion
  • before it starts,
  • or after it ends
  • but not while it’s underway