Enchanting your Customers

Discover new disruptive opportunities that will enchant your customer
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Executive forum description

The busness environment creates a lot of noise that you need to cut through to connect with your customer.  Having your customers feel apathetic towards or unaffected by your business leaves them open to being wowed by your competitors instead.

This dialogue explores how you make the leap from customer apathy, to customer enchantment.  Since it is not simply the product or service offering that takes you over the line we will challenge your thinking about how your business communicates with its customers, where the opportunities exist to truly delight and enchant your customers and what constitutes a memorable experience.

Executive forum outcomes

Dialogue ground rules

  • Even weird, way-out ideas
  • Even confusing ideas
  • Especially silly ideas
  • We won’t evaluate each other’s ideas
  • We won’t censor our own ideas
  • We’ll save these ideas for later discussion
  • before it starts,
  • or after it ends
  • but not while it’s underway