Exceptional Influence & Impact

Communication is critical - apply specific methods and techniques which will progress them towards exceptional influence and impact.
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Collaborative forum description

We have all observed executives who do not do themselves justice, however experienced. In meetings, some executives never really listen, they are only on transmit, others hold back or are not constructive.

On a one to one basis, there are executives who just do not inspire. In more formal settings; some do not appear to have the gravitas which is expected at their level within an organisation, or indeed external to the organisation.

Watch an executive who has real influencing skills, has real impact, assuredness and a quiet authority in meetings, who really engages with individuals, is able to negotiate solutions, resolve problems and you will be witness to exceptional influence and impact.

This forum will enable the participants to assess their own influence and impact, as well as develop skills and confidence by applying specific methods and techniques which will progress them towards exceptional influence and impact.

Collaborative forum outcomes

Content and learning styles

The forum will combine personal insights and real-life experiences to stimulate in-depth discussions. 

Collective learning is a big part of the forum and you will be given every opportunity to share ideas and learn from the speaker as well as from others in the group.


The forum will explore the following topics:

  • Impressions, myths and exceptional communicators
  • Tools to influence
  • Behaviours in meetings
  • Dealing with difficult questions


Speaker Profile

Peter Nelson is member of the Executive Faculty of Southampton Business School and also a member of the Visiting Faculty of Henley Business School. He is an authority in developing leaders and managers to influence and negotiate to the highest levels within industry and public sector organisations, including senior government officials.

Peter is a sought after speaker at international conferences and also delivers learning and development programmes in the areas of: Presentation Skills, Communication and Influencing, Leadership Impact, Negotiating Skills, Client Relationships, Business Pitching and Team Effectiveness.

Peter has operated at the top of his chosen industry some 35 years and was Managing Director of a successful consultancy which employed over 100 consultants. For the last 15 years Peter has worked as an independent speaker.

Peter continues to deliver programmes in Europe, Russia, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, the Far East, South Africa and America. The conferences and courses he runs are for all levels including; Directors, Senior Managers, Partners, Barristers, MBA students and Graduates.