Multi-Generational Leadership

This forum will explore the evidence, and try to bust some of the myths surrounding the differences in the generations at work and identify what they really need to perform at their best. The participants will leave with a personal and organisational checklist to benchmark their multi-generational readiness in the workplace
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Collaborative forum description

How do leaders maximise the potential of the current generational cohorts in the workplace? How do they navigate the cultural contortions of a multi-generational workforce to ensure the organisation operates effectively, fully engaging the strengths of every generation?

The recruitment, retention and motivation of a multi-generational workforce, requires an inclusive culture, coupled to fit for purpose working practices, in order to create a  great place towork for all generations, not just those most recently joining the world of work.

Collaborative forum outcomes

Content and learning styles

The forum will combine personal insights and real-life experiences

to stimulate in-depth discussions.  Peer learning is a big part of the

forum and you will be given every opportunity to share ideas

and learn from the speaker as well as from others in the group.

The forum will cover the following topics: