Strategy Matters

Use a framework for strategic inquiry and decision making to focus on how we may leverage the organisation’s strengths to embrace opportunities and achieve aspirations.
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Executive forum description

The management models that have driven strategy development in modern business were not created with a disruptive event the size and scale of that businesses are facing today. 

We must question everything that we thought we knew about business and that process demands extensive dialogue to exchange ideas and views, to explore new possibilities, evaluate strategic alternatives and assess potential risks. 

Our disruptor will facilitate a rich dialogue as part of your strategy-making processes.

Executive forum outcomes

Dialogue ground rules

  • Even weird, way-out ideas
  • Even confusing ideas
  • Especially silly ideas
  • We won’t evaluate each other’s ideas
  • We won’t censor our own ideas
  • We’ll save these ideas for later discussion
  • before it starts,
  • or after it ends
  • but not while it’s underway