The Forgotten Workers

Leadership has never been more important than it is now. The post-pandemic landscape will undoubtedly be different from any environment we have ever been in before. What leadership skills, attributes, behaviours and cultures will leaders need to deliver to thrive in the immediate future?
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Peer forum description

Coming soon

Peer forum outcomes

The peer forum uses a dialogic approach to explore the core topic.

Structured conversations in breakout sessions provide a rich and topical source of information for plenary discussion. The outcomes of all peer forums is driven by the contribution of the peers in the group and the incisive nature of the dialogue process.

The aim is to use collective hindsight to create new insight to arm the participants with foresight.

Peer forum Learning style

The forum will combine research collateral, personal insights and real-life experiences to stimulate in-depth dialogue. 

Peer learning is a big part of the forum and you will be given every opportunity to share ideas and learn from other peers in the forum as well as the speaker.

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