The Human Advantage

Collaborative forum description

Strategic HR is focused on the people dynamic and how the uniqueness of people is the key driver of organisational performance and competitive advantage. Artificial intelligence (AI) can really be seen as a major opportunity for people in the workplace because our human-ness will become even more important. AI relies on control loop processes that standardise outputs, but Strategic HR is about disruption, and open loop learning. It is literally the difference between thinking inside the box (AI) and releasing people to think outside the box (HR). Computers are good at predicting the predictable, but life and business is not predictable, it can be ambiguous, complex and volatile. Humans are incredibly flexible and can adapt quickly.
In the future it will be effective Strategic HR practices that will enable your organisation to access and maximise the human advantage.

Collaborative forum outcomes

Content and learning styles

This participatory session engages delegates to share insights through collaborative learning. Actionable insights and ideas to inform your new strategy playbook are generated through real-time research, breakout groups, and playback sessions.  Results will be revealed instantly in the session using social technology.