Thinking Masterclass

Confront the hard questions to develop strategies to deal with the immediate business reality.
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in a future Thought Forum

17-Jun-21 09:00 - 12:00 Register
8-Jul-21 14:00 - 17:00 Register

Thought forum description

Engaging in meaningful senior level dialogue leads to the development of strategies to deal with the immediate business reality and disrupt the status quo.

If you don’t question yourself, who will question you?

The thought forum is designed to challenge your thinking in a robust facilitated environment, surrounded by fellow senior peers. It’s an opportunity to influence future thinking and energise others, as well as yourself for forward momentum.

Thought forum outcomes

Dialogue ground rules

  • Even weird, way-out ideas
  • Even confusing ideas
  • Especially silly ideas
  • We won’t evaluate each other’s ideas
  • We won’t censor our own ideas
  • We’ll save these ideas for later discussion
  • before it starts,
  • or after it ends
  • but not while it’s underway
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