Learn how to manage inner critic and stop doubting yourself

We all have an inner critic, and many people will tell us that we need to ’silence’ it. This video considers how our brilliant brain does so much to keep us safe it often hinders our mindset strength and why we need to listen to our inner critic, sometimes, and then tell it to sit down and shut up!
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Introducing Chris Mooney

Mindset and resilience is what gets me excited. I have a belief that until we truly work on these elements within ourselves, we’ll only have limited success on the skills side of things. I’m less excited about the multitude of tired models and theories than the difference they can actually make for people in their personal and professional lives.

I’ve been doing this for more than 20 years. Since Kylie came back with ‘Spinning Around’, every year of that learning and development has been different. That’s the beauty of change, and why I want people to embrace it. My learning and development consultancy, CM Learning, was officially born in 2012, and the Pandemic of 2020 has meant that what I do is more important today than it’s ever been.

I’m all about helping people to understand what makes them tick so that they can develop themselves to be resilient, strong and laser-focused in their approach to change, learning and development.
I’ve got all the certificates you’d hope that someone like me would have, such as my CIPD Postgraduate Diploma in HR Management. I’m an accredited Clarity4D business partner, and have used my learning and development years wisely to explore a range of different disciplines so that I can best support my clients and their unique needs.
I’m also a big believer in getting stuck in with my own development and am currently studying to become a qualified counsellor. I’ve had my own struggles and blocks in my life as we all have – trauma, bereavement, negative habits – and I love to combine these human and personal elements with the professional to help people build their resilience and strengthen their relationships for better results.
Outside of the work stuff, I live in Bournemouth with my partner and our dogs (aka two lanky bags of elbows or lurchers, Max and Charlie). To save you from asking, the weird accent is a mixture of my native Northern Irish with a slight Dorset twang. I play the piano sometimes intermediately, sometimes badly. 

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