NED Programme

Developing the board rooms of the future

The Non-Executive Director has never been more important, or a more valuable resource to the board

The 4iforum NED programme will challenge you to contemplate your obligations to monitor and evaluate the directors, with whom you will share legal responsibilities and consider how you can illuminate a path of decision making and action that will benefit the longer-term health of the organisation.

Becoming a NED is a serious undertaking, but one where you can make a meaningful and constructive difference to board performance. 

A NED is engaged by organisations to provide independent oversight and constructive challenge to the board on behalf of stakeholders.  However, you can become more than an independent voice bringing a breadth of experience and strong views to influence decision making. 

As a dynamic NED you can offer expertise and valuable insights that will help the board to deliver its strategic imperatives.  Your insights can help the executive team see patterns instead of complexity. 

As a dynamic NED you will see around corners, cast a light on where a path of action will lead and accurately evaluate obstacles to explain to the board where their decisions may face resistance. You can offer insights into alternative scenarios that challenge the board’s thinking and drive them to consider “what if this happened?” and then “Okay, well what if this happened?”  

The 4iforum NED programme is designed to develop you to be the person in the room asking the questions no one else is asking to stimulate the thinking of the board beyond what is known.

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  • 3 years experience senior management experience
  • Decision-maker with budget responsibility
  • Send Application with copy of your CV
  • Informal interview

What you don’t need

  • Industry sector experience in the industry where you work as a NED
  • Board experience preferred, but not essential

This programme is suitable for existing board members and those aspiring to be board members

To complete certification of the 4iforum NED programme you will need to complete 6 modules

Programme cost = £1500 + VAT

  • Choose from 2 Core and 4 Elective modules.
    • Additional development sessions can be completed – £250 each
  • Attend six NED supervision peer forums
  • Total contact time = 18 hours of development sessions and 18 hours of peer forums
  • Complete a personal statement and Learning portfolio

3 Hour Development sessions; 10 different subjects:

  1. Holding up the Mirror: What are your responsibilities as a NED (CORE)
  2. Is it for you: Your liabilities as a NED (CORE)
  3. Being Credible: Understanding Board Dynamics (ELECTIVE)
  4. Acting as a Trusted Advisor: A grounding in Governance (ELECTIVE)
  5. Contributing to Sustainability: Balancing Risk and Driving Performance (ELECTIVE)
  6. Next Generation Organisations: Contributing to Strategic Thinking (ELECTIVE)
  7. Taking your seat at the table: Finance and what it means (ELECTIVE)
  8. Looking after Competitive Advantage: Developing an environment for people led change (ELECTIVE)
  9. Challenging others to act ethically: Outside-in board membership (ELECTIVE)
  10. Making a difference: Being a dynamic influence at Board Level (ELECTIVE)

Fellowship of the 4iforum NED programme can be awarded after placement in a NED role and written evidence of your impact on the board.

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