Sponsor Benefits

We want you to get the best out of your sponsorship. Please contact us using the support chat in the bottom right-hand corner if you need any help to use the features.

Download a PDF about our sponsor benefits

Enjoy the forums and request topics

4iforum runs a wide variety of forums in different styles. There's definitely something to suit everyone. Your topic suggestions will help us keep the content relevant to you.

Explore the premium blog articles

The 4iforum premium blog presents useful advice and next-practice research. It is a deep dive into areas of authority, thought leadership and expertise. It is focused on the future.

Download from the Digital Library

The 4iforum digital library is a digital repository of objects that can include documents, images, audio, video and other digital media. Library content will either inform, educate or entertain., so check back often!

Engage in the Online Peer Discussion Forums

The Peer Discussion Forums are an online space designed to facilitate ongoing interaction and engagement in specific themes and topics aimed at encouraging participation in the 4iforum supporter community and collaborative learning. If you've used online forums in the past, this is one of those.

Try the Online Chat Rooms

The online chat rooms are a space designed to facilitate realtime after-forum interaction. It is aimed at encouraging ongoing participation and collective thinking beyond the forum. There are also rooms for peer chat between people in the same industry or job role. You'll need an invitation to these from a current member. If you've used Slack or WhatsApp Web, you'll find this system familiar.

Feedback on our benefits package is always appreciated

If we could make anything clearer or more useful, we'd love to know! On the other hand, if there's one feature you value above all the others (or something you'd never use), tell us about that too. Hit the 4i Sponsor Benefits Feedback Survey now!