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We’re facing the worst recession in history, which is precisely when new ways of thinking are needed most, so we decided to turn things upside down! So… rather than asking people to pay for our services, we invite them to pay instead.

As an individual you can support 4iforum and join our peer discussion forums, access our digital resources and recorded collaborative forums.  Your support contributes to providing free forum seats for those who need access collective learning.

Is this something you might like to be part of? Would you like to help others as you help yourself? We believe that our economy will only be as strong as the weakest link, so if we help each other, we’ll recover sooner. Everyone benefits from businesses succeeding, and together, we have knowledge and expertise that can help others.


Every penny counts

You don’t have to be loaded to support 4iforum.  You can give as little as £1 a month or as much as you wish to support our learning community.

Our goal is to give away a million free forum seats by the end of 2021.

Our forum types

At the heart of 4iforum is the belief that by creating a safe conversational space in the form of our dialogic forums we enable business leaders to gather and think disruptively together.  

Dialogue (dia – logos) is a Greek word for “flow of meaning.” Meaning is the undercurrent that supports our perspective of the world, and therefore has a significant impact on our decision making.  The importance of meaning to quality decision making is subtle and almost invisible.  However, engaging in collective meaning making is powerful enough to produce truly great leadership. 

The practice of good dialogue supports leaders in organising the process and structure of their thinking to positively shape our collective future.

Each of our forums offers a different intensity of meaning making.  Not all business decisions and operations require us to engage in effortful mental activities, pragmatically we can learn practical tools and practices to deliver great results.  Each forum type and membership level will take you deeper into the challenge of thinking together and thinking about thinking.

We can make it easier to choose

Let us help you understand how 4iforum can support your current and future needs