Corporate Social Responsibility

Helping the helpers

A sector in need

The charity and voluntary sector, often referred to as the ‘third sector’ or ‘not-for-profit sector’, contributed approximately £17.1billion to the UK economy in 2016/17. The 168,000 charities in England and Wales employ roughly 870,000 paid workers. (UK Civil Society Almanac 2019). Charities have been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic resulting in services being postponed and fundraising efforts being scaled back.

Giving to give

As part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR) the co-founders of 4iforum recognise the vital lifeblood that the charity sector provides for our society and we want to help.

Registered charities are invited to ask for our help.

It’s free and it’s online. We will provide a closed dialogic forum where the leaders of the charity can gather and think disruptively about their thorny issues.

The strategy matters forum offers a framework of strategic inquiry and decision making to help you to focus on how you can leverage your charity’s strengths and opportunties to achieve your aspirations.

Our aim is to help you positively shape your charity’s future.